Geeks on a train

My talk for this weekend’s BarCamp London was Geeks on a Train (and other adventures in network theory). It covered an assortment of neat things to do with networks – both real and virtual – illustrated by Kevin Bacon, Slengpung and the London Underground.

You know the routine by now. I make the slides available, along with the warning that they’ll probably be completely unintelligible to anyone who didn’t see the talk, and then express the vague intention of putting them in more accessible form in future (possibly a screencast or something) which inevitably never happens. Tch, eh? Here’s the link.

Geeks On A Train slides – SXI (OpenOffice) format, 2.8Mb

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  1. Poke says:

    Nice introduction to the network theory. We may talked about it on the Forever8, it is shame. :-(

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