Wi-fi is GRATE.

Sitting in my garden this evening when an impressively-coloured bird landed three or four feet away. It just so happened that I had a portable device with me which could tell me, without me having to make any sudden movements or noises that would scare it away, that it was a goldfinch.

Now tell me. When, in the entire history of civilisation, has that been possible before now? Technology – it’s blimmin marvellous.

4 Responses to “Wi-fi is GRATE.”

  1. Ummm… I’ve got a similar portable device, and mine never runs out of batteries either :-p

  2. matt says:

    Aha, but can you a) retrieve said portable device from where you left it, and b) leaf through it to the Goldfinch page, without making any sudden movements that might disturb the goldfinch?

    …oh, you can? Fair enough then :-)

  3. F6 says:

    I’d say – a garden is grate :)

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