Isn’t it ironic? Don’t you think?

In the town centre this morning, I had this exchange with a random bloke:

Him: ‘Scuse me, have you got the time?’
Me: (checks watch) ‘Twenty-five past eleven.’
Him: ‘Cheers.’
(double take)
Him: ‘Twenty-five past one?!?’
Me: (checks watch again) ‘No – eleven.’
Him: ‘Ah. Thanks.’

This in itself might seem fairly mundane, but what makes it rather amusing is that
1) only 30 seconds previously, I’d just picked up my watch from Timpsons where I was having the battery replaced, and was pleasantly surprised to note that the nice man in the shop had set it to the correct time, and
2) since Friday night I’ve been intentionally mucking around with my sleeping patterns and attempting to work to a 27-hour(ish) cycle to try and get my demo finished for Assembly, and up until that point I’d been trying to persuade myself that it was in fact some time around 5 in the afternoon.

What, still not amusing? Please yourselves.

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