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Recognising that there was a gap to be filled in news reporting for the ZX Spectrum community (since other commitments have pulled icabod away from regularly updating raww.org, and other contributors – myself included – have not exactly rushed in with the same fervour), I’ve set up the Speccynews Twitter account.

The idea is that it’s a lower-maintenance way of keeping on top of developments in the Speccy world, as something that can be updated on the spot as and when you encounter a story, with no obligation (indeed, no way at all) to write a long erudite commentary on every news story. Following an encouraging call for volunteers on WOS forums, I set the service up through CoTweet, and it’s been running successfully for a couple of weeks now. More contributors would be very welcome, especially non-UK people who can share their perspective of those wonderful developments in Spain, Russia, Poland, the Czech Republic and elsewhere which are being overlooked by the English-speaking crowd. Drop me an email / tweet with your email address if you’re interested, and I’ll send a CoTweet invite in your direction. No previous Twitter experience necessary!

(And, of course, all feedback and story submissions will be gratefully received via Twitter itself – tweet them to @speccynews.)

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  1. icabod says:

    Good stuff. I’ve actually just (the other day) set up a twitter feed for raww.org posts – it’s not active yet (I’ve been working on some behind-the-scenes stuff), but there you go.
    Hopefully I’ll get raww.org more active in the next couple of weeks, and can leech from @speccynews :]

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