Oxford Spectrum meetup, 20 October 2007

From 2pm, The Gloucester Arms After a hiatus of goodness-knows-how-long, Oxford will be home to another Spectrum pub meet on Saturday 20th October, from 2pm at The Gloucester Arms. Well over a dozen illustrious inhabitants of comp.sys.sinclair and the World Of Spectrum forums have indicated their interest already, so it’s promising to be a good one.

Limited crash space will be available for long-distance travellers (I could probably accommodate about 5-6 before things start getting, um, cosy), so drop me an email if you’d like to take that up. You may also want to get in touch to swap mobile numbers, in the unlikely event that we have to move on to somewhere else before you arrive (due to our group being SO FREAKING HUGE) or if you think you’re likely to get lost on the way or something. On that subject, here’s how to get there (full map):

From the coach station (Gloucester Green): Go round the back of the concourse, and head for the far left corner of the market square – the Gloucester Arms pub is in front of you. There, that was easy…

From Oxford train station: Go out of the main entrance towards the horrible green spire, then keep on heading in that direction past the big glass buildings on your left, over the bridge and continue down George Street (the one with Cafe Orient and Jessops on). At Old Orleans and the Cock And Camel pub, take the left turn. You’ll see the Gloucester Arms up ahead.

See you there!

9 Responses to “Oxford Spectrum meetup, 20 October 2007”

  1. Markie says:


    I’ll may pop along and say hi …



  2. Peter Thomas says:

    Nostalgia ain’t what it used to be. Looking forward to the shindig!


  3. CiH says:

    I won’t be able to make this one :-(

    At the point that the pubmeet is going on, I’ll still be mid-Atlantic in one of Virgin Atlantic’s big metal birds on the way back from New York.

    I guess they still frown upon passenger’s taking the choice of final destination into their own hands, since that nasty business on Sept 11th 2001?

    Besides, I don’t think that “Any landing that leaves a smoking 747-sized crater in the middle of Oxford and you don’t walk away from it” would be a good idea either!

  4. matt says:

    No, no, that’s not right! When you can’t make it to a pubmeet, you’re meant to tell me “You suck for organising a pubmeet with not enough advance notice / somewhere I can’t get to. You should have arranged it somewhere more central and convenient, like 12000 feet above the middle of the Atlantic.”

    But anyway. Shame you can’t make it to this one… there’s talk of a possible demoscene meetup in Camden the week afterwards, so perhaps that one will work for you?

  5. CiH says:

    The scene is Saturday the 20th October, I’m in a Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747-400 or very big Airbus, or whatever, I’m looking out of the window at 30,000-odd feet down, passing by below at 12,000 feet in the opposite direction is the Oxford Pubmeet. No aircraft, just a bunch of tables, chairs and pint-glasses in the hands of obviously geeky guys unsupported in midair, flying in perfect formation!

    Still, 12,000 feet, good choice of obscure height for a safe transit lane, cuts down the risk of those nasty air to air collisions!

  6. icabod says:

    I’ll be there for at least part of the time. Hotel is booked for me and the wife, but I expect we’ll be out sight-seeing and shopping for some of the day. Hoorah!

  7. csmith says:

    I’ll be training over from Cardiff, and zipping back late evening. “Things to do” on Sunday, but 5 hours in the pub is probably enough ;-)

    Mind you, I’d like to be flying at 30,000 odd feet in a Virgin Atlantic Boeing 747-400 towards New York, waving at CiH, and looking forward to a beer at Rudy’s on 9th Ave,; a spot of Thai from a nice little joint on West 44th, or is it 46th? I always wander about before I find it – but no problem after a few beers….. ;-)

    Oh, sorry, got sidetracked !!!


    See you Sat.

  8. Peter Thomas says:

    Not long to go now- “Bee-bip!” t-shirts at the ready! Wait ’till you see my new t-shirt… call the cops!!! :-/


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