OpenZXRom 2006-06-03 (Houston, we have loading stripes!)

OpenZXRom now has the all-important tape loading routine in place. There’s quite a lot involved behind the scenes – listening for signal edges, identifying the moment when the leader tone turns into data, keeping track of checksums, picking apart the header block – but it’s all doing it’s job, without a hint of Sinclair code to be found.

It doesn’t do anything after loading the file except sit around and sulk (although machine code programs that borrow the loader routine should be more enlightening) but the fact that it’s starting to do stuff that actually looks and feels like the original ZX ROM is occasion enough to put out a new release, I reckon.

Download OpenZXRom 2006-06-03

2 Responses to “OpenZXRom 2006-06-03 (Houston, we have loading stripes!)”

  1. Staffan V says:

    That’s a horrible font. Why not use the Clairsys font from

  2. matt says:

    I agree… and yep, that’s been taken care of now. I’ve received permission from Paul, and the next version of the ROM will use Clairsys.

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