Micro Men subtitles

The BBC Micro Men comedy/drama shown last October starring Alexander Armstrong and Martin Freeman as Clive Sinclair and Chris Curry has, unsurprisingly, gone down a storm in 8-bit enthusiast circles.

There’s been a lot of demand from the international Speccy community for subtitles, since it’s apparently rather heavy on colloquial English – and so as a contribution to this weekend’s Forever party, I spent several highly pleasurable hours in front of the rather spiffy Miyu subtitling package to put these together. It’s definitely a show that rewards repeated viewing – for instance, take a close look at what’s on the whiteboard behind Hermann as he says of the newly laid-off engineers: “They are clever people. They’ll think of something. Maybe they already have”…

Download Micro Men subtitles (79K, .srt format)

(This is just the subtitle file – you will, of course, have to *cough* acquire the actual video from somewhere else.)

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  1. Bruno Florindo says:

    Thank you Gasman. I think everyone who comes up with subtitles in their own free time deserves praise. I tried once and gave up! You did the most difficult part. All the folks need now is someone who’s willing to translate it to their own languages. Great job! :)

  2. F6 says:

    thx for this!!! we’ll translate it to Czech at last! ;)

  3. dex says:

    Well done.

  4. Hernán says:

    Thanks Matt! It’s very valuable to us who english isn’t our native language.

  5. LCD says:

    Thanks for it, gasman. Last time I did subtitling, it was for the Doctor Who movies from 1960′s, and so I know how hard it is. Okay, English is not my mother-language, so I had to repeat and repeat the sequeces until I was able to understand them, sometimes only in context with later scenes…
    I honour your efforts!

  6. [...] un lector de nombre Salvacam nos anuncia la posibilidad de descargarnos subtítulos para la peli aquí. En inglés, evidentemente, pero  ya es algo. Y al tratarse de un fichero editable como TXT, queda [...]

  7. poke says:

    Thanks Gasman. You do great piece of work. Salut.

  8. Optimus says:

    Yeah! Micromen was awesome. I must have watched it three times at least.
    Not that I needed the subs but I might keep them in place and watch it with them just in case I missed something.

  9. Juanjo Marin says:

    Thank you for making available these subtitles ! Very appreciated !

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