JSSpeccy (tiny bugfix)

A long-overdue maintenance update to JSSpeccy to apply a bugfix independently found by Antonio Villena and Andrew without-a-surname: IM 2 interrupt handlers were broken because I had an 0xfff where there should have been an 0xffff. Thanks both!

As ever, see the subversion repo for source. (Incidentally, JSSpeccy v2 was in the works a while back – will dust that off again at some point…)

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  1. Chris says:

    Hi Matt,

    I used yr JSSSPECCY for my website, and i found some helpfull PHP, but i dont know where on internet i found it..
    I did not want to make 100 pages for 100 routines so i looked for a directory lister and found one in PHP
    I integrated the PHP directory reader with jssspeccy and SEE


    an automated loadable selection list with ALL files in that directory.
    So now I can make dedicated directories and WHEN EVER i add another zx file, the PHP will ” sort it ou” for the web-user.

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