JSSpeccy v20091121

Yesterday’s Full Frontal javascript conference turned out to be the ideal setting to compare notes with Ben Firshman of JSNES fame on the finer points of implementing emulators in Javascript – so this new release of JSSpeccy is the natural consequence of that. I’ve put in an optimisation which might possibly be a speed boost on Chrome (only writing bytes to ImageData when absolutely absolutely necessary), and the much-needed ability to load your own snapshot files, using the little-known getAsBinary method on file upload objects. (Unfortunately Firefox 3.5 is the only browser which supports it right now, but it looks like it may be in the process of getting the official W3C blessing right now.) And since I was on a roll, on the train back I implemented tape loading traps and the ability to load .TAP files (again, only on Firefox 3.5). Wahey!

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  1. Lumpymoose says:

    OMG! This almost works on the iPhone 3Gs, except no input method ;(

    what I wouldn’t give for an iPhone speccy emu, preferably an app but JSspeccy for iPhone would be extremely interesting.

    Would pay good money for IPhone speccy emulator app and a way to manage games.

    I got a warm fuzzy feeling seeing spectrum code running on my iPhone.

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