JSSpeccy v20090929 (Don’t-Mess-With-Geeks Edition)

I wasn’t really planning on developing JSSpeccy further, because I didn’t consider it a serious project with a future. However, it turns out that someone else did. Enough to rip it off wholesale and pass it off as their own work on the iPhone app store for £1.29 a pop, no less. Yes, thanks to the detective work of Phil Kendall we now know that ZXGamer, the much heralded Spectrum emulator for the iPhone, was nothing more than JSSpeccy with a fancy title screen tacked on. (Which of course is a blatant violation of the GPL, and being pure Javascript, would explain why it ran at less than the speed of a real Spectrum on a 600 MHz device, and why it was overwhelmingly rated at one out of five stars. Epic fail.) It’s been pulled from the app store now – so while ZXGamer is gradually disappearing from the internet, it’s time to redress the balance a bit.

A new version of JSSpeccy is out. It doesn’t run at full speed on an iPhone either (although it positively speeds along on recent versions of Safari on real computers), but it does boast the following changes:

  • GPL v3 licenced, with prominent notices to make it clear that playing silly buggers like the above will not be tolerated (even if they do include source…)
  • A bit of speed optimisation (about 15% faster maybe)
  • A pimped-up user interface with shiny icons
  • And most relevantly, entirely controllable via iPhone / iPod Touch touchscreen. In principle. (If you’re expecting an immersive gaming experience, you’ll be disappointed.)

So there you go – probably the best Spectrum emulator for the iPhone ever. And it’s free.

6 Responses to “JSSpeccy v20090929 (Don’t-Mess-With-Geeks Edition)”

  1. Richard Armitage says:

    I found this article after doing a search for a Spectrum emulator for the iPhone. Sadly the plagiarised app ZXGamer is still high in search results but glad it has been removed from the app store. Anyway, can’t wait to try out JSSpeccy on my new iPhone (when I get it). I’m used to less than 100% speed emulation after using a speccy emulator on my Amiga 1200 years ago..I didn’t care, just loved that I had it on!

    Well done.

  2. PrinceGaz says:

    JSSpeccy is a great test of web browser JS performance. For ZX spectrum emulation on an iPhone/iTouch, might I suggest iXpectrum which can be found on the Cydia store? 100% emulation speed on all models with complete sound, contended memory and fancy graphics support along with the choice of a virtual keyboard or programmable buttons makes it superb. I do still think JSSpeccy is a great example of what is possible with JS though.

  3. @Richard Armitage i tried JSSpeccy on my Iphone but there has not been considerable speed improvements.

  4. Sean says:

    Looks great on the ipad. I can only move left and right though. Are there controls for jump and up and down? Thanks.

  5. nitrofurano says:

    will be ULAplus supported in the next version?

  6. matt says:

    Definitely not the next version – there are lots of things I’d put as higher priority, like 128 support, sound, accurate screen rendering and TZX loading. I won’t rule out adding it one day, though…

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