Kicking off 2009 in style with a website-in-a-day, FreshBEEP is my answer to a pressing problem on the Spectrum scene: people are releasing new games all the time, but they’re being overlooked due to a lack of a prominent central place to announce them. However, it turns out that on the World of Spectrum What’s New page, nestled amongst the hive of other site activity that gets mentioned there, Martijn has been dutifully labelling new releases under a “New software for 2008″ banner. One swift bit of mashup work later (does it count as a mashup if it’s only coming from one site?) and these are now being pulled out into a friendly blog-like format, with an all-important RSS feed. It’s not particularly clever, but it scratches an itch…

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  1. Not that it matters too much, are you aware of NickH’s RSS feed for WoS ? May have been an easier starting point than the HTML itself.

  2. F6 says:

    Well, to be honest, I’m confused a bit with games releases. The portal is for freeware only? What about Cronosoft “commercial” titles which cannot be uploaded to WoS? Or another non-free projects like Thieves School ( Btw. it would be great to get the back on track. The only fresh news about zx demos is pouet atm. And SpeccyLive. I know that adding new stuff eats time but there could be a simple interface to add stuff (or just some info and a link) to zxdemo. Or to suck an info about a new zx release from pouet just like does.

  3. matt says:

    F6: Commercial titles will be picked up too, because WoS still adds Infoseek records for them even if it can’t distribute the software itself, and will put up a “what’s new” item at that point. Thieves School is already on WOS in fact, but the release announcement happened some time last year before this site was up.

    As for updating… unfortunately the site backend is a bit too primitive and horrible for anyone except me to use (although if you want to try, drop me an email!), and the effort to fix it was too much to justify on a Spectrum-only site… hence the creation of Demozoo. Unfortunately the political effort in launching what some people saw as a Pouet rip-off was more than I expected, and more than I could be bothered with, so that project’s on hold until I feel motivated to argue with trolls again.

  4. spindizzy says:

    I think a site to encourage the creation of new Speccy titles would be great. WOS is excellent of course but it focuses more on the enormous archive of old titles. I was thinking of writing a new Spectrum game myself but I wasn’t sure whether anyone would be interested. A lot of the scene sites haven’t been updated in a while which creates a bad impression…

    Anyway, maybe it already exists and I don’t know about it but I would like to see a dedicated site (not WOS) with the following:

    1) Z80 asm tutorials with an emphasis on the Spectrum.
    2) Message board for bringing together coders, artists and musicians.
    3) Recommended development tools (emulators, map creators, trackers etc).
    4) Reviews of recent releases with screenshots and YouTube videos.
    5) A shop for the commercial titles.

    I wouldn’t mind contributing some of this stuff. I think it would be a shot in the arm for the Speccy scene.

  5. matt says:


    It sounds great, but here’s the problem: Unless it can do *all* of those things better than any existing site (including WOS) and therefore attract every single developer and game player on the Spectrum scene, it’s going to become another ‘splinter’ community that keeps maybe 10% of the Spectrum ‘population’ as regular readers and contributors… at which point, it’s “just one more place” that someone has to go to promote their new release or get help, rather than “the place” to go.

    I really feel that any new sites for the Spectrum community should do everything possible to link in with services that already exist, rather than reinventing them.

  6. spindizzy says:

    Matt, you are totally right about the risk of splintering the community. Maybe it’s better if an existing site can be resurrected / re-energised.

    My main point is just that I don’t think WOS can be the first resource for new developers. Psychologically there needs to be some separation between the Spectrum’s glorious past and its glorious present!

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