Train announcements

I have in my MP3 collection a George Carlin standup routine about how people add extra words to what they say to sound more important. “‘Police have responded to an emergency situation.’ No they haven’t, they’ve responded to an emergency!”

Heard a good one on the train tonight. “Smoking is forbidden on all parts of this train; this includes the toilet areas.”

Toilet areas? That sounds awfully uncivilised – don’t they have actual toilets then? Toilet areas are the sort of thing a cat would have, surely.

4 Responses to “Train announcements”

  1. icabod says:

    Is this a reference to my house?
    My cat seems to think that my entire lounge is her “toilet area”. Except at the recent party, where she decided that my bedroom was her toilet area.
    She’s a lovely cat, and I love her dearly, but how can she produce so much poo?

  2. rho says:

    My favourite ever train announcement was heard once while I was standing in Lancaster train station.

    “We apologise to all passengers travelling to Morecambe” [noticable pause here, before the announcement continues] “the train there has been delayed…”

  3. icabod says:

    Matt… completely unrelated to the post, but you may want to look at the settings of WordPress with regards timezones – I certainly didn’t post my above comment at 2am this morning.

  4. matt says:

    That’s true… I hadn’t even got on the train by 5:03pm yesterday either. Let’s see if it’s fixed now…

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