You See Colours

Every week the FAWM website posts a weekly challenge; a theme or other constraint that participants can work into their songs, or ignore as they please. This week, it’s “Colour” (or “color” for strange foreign people who insist).

Arthur C Clarke once told of how a voice popped into his head one day, speaking the words “These are the songs of distant earth”, and the only way he could exorcise it was to write a 30,000 word novella with that as the title. This week I’ve had a similar experience, except the voice was saying “Write a song about blue tack! Go on! Blue tack!”

This is not that song. I’m still working on that one, and it’s mutated into something else now, such that it’s only very tangentially about blue tack. Hopefully you’ll get to hear it soon. However, that left me with a void in my colour-related-song repertoire, so I wrote this instead.

This song is actually a riddle of sorts. First person to spot the hidden subtext wins a cookie.

Update: Well, nobody got it – I guess no-one saw colours after all… Read on for the answer (paying special attention to the bold text…)

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You see colours where only darkness lies
As sure as clouds are grey you’ll be looking to the skies
Seeking out the rainbow that somehow passed me by
Well I’m not one for romance, but now I wonder

Back in December it was minus nine degrees
And violent were the winds that blew the branches off the trees
In your imagination it became a gentle breeze
As if you shut out the rainstorm and the thunder

Where I see black and white, you make out each degree
New horizons, shades of paradise and everything between
You see colours that no-one else can see
And aren’t you going to share them with me?

You see colours up each and every street
They’re just endless rows of houses to a philistine like me
For you they paint a picture, each one vivid and unique
And all of them a story in the making

You told me that I’m jaded – well you read me like a book
You’ve a million different words to show my cynicism up
Each poker hand I’m dealt, I think I’m down upon my luck
You find the diamond in the rough there for the taking


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4 Responses to “You See Colours”

  1. Wayne Marsh says:

    The obvious answer (perhaps too obvious) would be that it’s a song from a non-artistic boy to an artistic girl. If not specificially about art, it could be about a free spirited girl.

    Alternatively, perhaps she’s experience a psychedelic trip, or has synaesthesia…

  2. matt says:

    Spot-on interpretation, although what I’m after is a “hidden subtext” of a more literal sort (on the FAWM page I pointed to this as a clue)… still, you’re the first person to take a shot at it, so well done that man!

    Synaesthesia was certainly one concept I had in mind when I was writing this, but it probably didn’t come out in the end result as strongly as the easier-to-write-about concepts like optimism and imagination.

  3. Wayne Marsh says:

    Oh, okay! I wouldn’t have got it without the bold clues, though.

    I like the concept of the song potentially being about the listener who “gets it”.

    Here’s a colour based ballad-ish song that I enjoy:

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