When I’m writing Speccy music, I’m always very conscious of stereotyping myself. At the Forever party, they gave up on anonymising music competition entries after realising that everyone in the room recognised the Gasman entry (and the Yerzmyey entry, the Factor6 entry…) within two seconds of it starting up – even if I’d gone to great lengths to reinvent myself.

This time, with two or three days left before Assembly and nothing to show, I decided to make it easy on myself, and stick with what I know – the primal boop-durr-tish-durr bassline, the crowd-pleasing echoing cascades – and not be too bothered about basking in my signature style. As a result, it’s not the most original piece of music I’ve ever written, but it did its job – it made first place in the Extreme Music competition where it was up against PC soft-synths in addition to the now familiar Commodores and Nintendos.

The title isn’t a bid to stir up controversy with drug references, by the way. I just liked the combination of words.

Download gasman_-_spacecake.mp3

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  2. rhebok says:

    Dude, original or not, that is one great song!

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