- this song intentionally left vague -

The music came first. The nature of the tune meant that I had to stick closely to a particular meter, with very little room for poetic licence, and I’m not sure I succeeded at that – even after distilling the lyrics down to the point where they have very little narrative structure left and become more of a stream of consciousness (but believe me, the writing process was anything but stream-of-consciousness. This was a slog). There might still be some meaning in there somewhere. Perhaps.

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time can try to still the tide
but never cross to this divide
to dimensions now denied
where all was well

chasing angels left you cold
never dared to leave the fold
in a moment uncontrolled
you cast a spell

keep your hollow-won rejoice
unopposed by any voice
nonexistence, the greatest choice
I never made

still you never saw me go
all creation passed below
a greater place than you could know
’twas meant this way

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    Favourite so far.

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