Just Because Story

It seems like everything I create these days always has to be part of some bigger masterplan – an attempt to win a competition, or a massive software project, or a stepping stone towards some greater goal. I really need to learn to do things every now and then just as casual throwaway bits of fun, for no particular reason, Just Because.

So here’s one. It’s a bluesy piano sketch that pretty much took shape by itself through some aimless pottering around on the keyboard, and I can’t see myself adding lyrics to it, using it as the soundtrack to anything, recreating it on obscure hardware, entering it into a competition or any of the other random things I always end up doing. It just hangs together as an entity in its own right, so that’s how I’m going to leave it, as a celebration of Just Becauseness. (But having said that, if you have any better ideas about what to do with it, go right ahead and take advantage of that Creative Commons licence…)

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3 Responses to “Just Because Story”

  1. X-agon/Retired Spectruman says:

    Hi Gasman!

    Don’t you tell me that you’re not musically educated! :-) I can’t understand why is that you’ve grown into such a splendin musician!
    Great song, indeed. It reminds me a little of Dave Grusin’s Memphis Stomp, which is fantastic, too.
    If you haven’t seen/heard: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBEefUFcv1E

    Keep on! Maybe one day I’ll put together a song for Speccy again :-)

  2. matt says:

    Don’t you tell me that you’re not musically educated!

    Fair enough then, I won’t… I am musically educated :-)

    …I think Memphis Stomp is a bit beyond my level though. Good stuff!

  3. KEiTO says:

    Very nice indeed. =)

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