I Never Lost My Heart In San Francisco

After a short break to catch up on regular geek duties, it’s back to FAWM, and it appears that I now need to average somewhat more than one song a day if I’m to reach the target. Hmm.

First of all, the standard apology – sorry for the chronically bad recording. I splashed out on a decent mike and USB mixer widget this weekend and everything, only to find that I’m missing a crucial cable. (Big jacks, little jacks, phono plugs, fine – I’ve got drawers overflowing with them. XLR? Where the hell did that come from?) So for now it’s back to the iBook built-in microphone, with its amazing propensity to pick up the clack of my horribly clacky sustain pedal. But I’m keeping it (for now) for authenticity’s sake, because it’s the first time I’ve succeeded in capturing a single live take of, well, anything really.

Update (2007-03-04) – Better recording (with a proper microphone) up now…

This was great fun to put together, and hopefully it shows. I do wonder if I’m ever going to pull off such a tight bit of rhyming as the second verse ever again.

Download matt_westcott_-_i_never_lost_my_heart_in_san_francisco.mp3

I never lost my heart in San Francisco
But once I lost a kidney in Cancún
My appendix went astray in Guanabara Bay
And I had my ribcage ransacked in Rangoon

I parted with my tonsils in Toronto
My pancreas was pinched in Pimlico
My liver lives in Lisbon, and my brain has lain in Brisbane
Since it fell out of my ear a year ago

I crossed the mighty river into Warsaw
It was back in Barcelona that I found
That I’d dropped my wisdom teeth into the inky void beneath
To join the jawbone that I lost in Jarrow town


My humerus was hijacked in Havana
My retinas were rustled down in Rome
In Seoul I left my spleen, and my arse in Aberdeen
and Ghent is where my gallbladder calls home

I met a girl called Nerys in Nairobi
We woke up in the Radisson Hotel
As she walked away from me she said, “I’ve stolen your left knee”
She’d stolen my harmonica as well

[harmonica solo]

Oh, so many other places I’ve left parts of me behind
I’d like to think by now you’ve got the gist though
All this trekking land to land has left me a broken man
Which is why I’m never going back to ‘Frisco

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    Woohoo! *claps*

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