I Am Tyr (the God of Tuesday)

Last one for the moment… this one’s a stab at the week one challenge, “write a song with a day of the week in the title”. Towards the end I got frustrated that the song was going nowhere, hence the throw-in-all-the-unused-lyrics-and-get-shut-of-it ending, which actually turned out quite well. This is the sort of occasion where FAWM excels… the cattle-prod-up-the-backside-to-get-a-song-finished treatment pays off sometimes.

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I am Tyr, the God of Tuesday
I was once a God of War
All true men used to fear me in the savage days of yore
Today it is my destiny to be remembered for
My position in the tapestry of time

When the wise men watched the heavens
and the scholars mapped the days
They saw the stars transitioning, the moon in every phase
The light and dark was counted out, divided seven ways
And one day of those seven would be mine

My name was once the origin of “Deity”
But now I am known only to a few
A thousand years of language have eroded who I am
Now people wonder, “just what is a ‘Tue’?”

I am Tyr, the God of Tuesday
I am also God of Sky
When they handed out our duties I cared not to ask them why
My followers were legion, but today they are no more
A people and a culture was destroyed

Between the Moon and Odin
I forever will reside
The world shall look upon me as a thorn in every side
unpopular, but not the way that Monday is despised
But too far from the weekend to be enjoyed

I shall not tolerate such mediocrity!
The world must feel my anger and my pain
For so long I have lain dormant, but today I rise again
For I shall cast a curse and make it rain! Yes! The world shall once again see the wrath of Tyr as I cast cumulonimbus clouds down from on high! And Tuesday shall be known as the rainiest day of all. And it shall rain without fail, every Tuesday until at least May. That’ll teach them for mangling my name into something stupid like Tiw. I had an arm ripped off by a wolf you know, and this is what I get? Society today, they have no respect for the older generation.

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  1. Eq says:

    I didn’t know you could sing that low! This is brilliant.

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