Live In Concert! The Green Note open mic, 2007-05-06

On the 6th of May, a bunch of intrepid FAWM survivors descended upon the Green Note, Camden’s loveliest live music venue, to catch up on songwriting banter and take part in the open mic session there. And so, armed with my shiny new (and small-enough-to-lug-around-on-the-tube) Korg K61P, I made my first ever public performance on stage with a musical instrument. (That’s if you don’t count a ZX Spectrum as a musical instrument. And if you don’t count piano recitals aged about 9 either. But still, eh?)

It’s taken a while to get the recordings sorted, but now thanks to the wonders of MP3 you can share in that glorious day.

  1. Lucy (Divine Comedy cover) – download mp3, 3.9Mb
    Download matt_westcott_-_lucy_(green_note).mp3
  2. I Never Lost My Heart In San Franciscodownload mp3, 2.9Mb
    Download matt_westcott_-_i_never_lost_my_heart_(green_note).mp3

That evening we also crashed the open mic at The Stage Door, Waterloo – so for completeness, the two songs I performed there were You See Colours and The Ballad Of Graham The Caveman. No recordings of those though, unfortunately.

2 Responses to “Live In Concert! The Green Note open mic, 2007-05-06”

  1. icabod says:

    Not listened to the tunes yet (I’m at work and left my headphones in the car), but well done for doing an Open Mic. I once got asked to do an Open Mic comedy thing, all because I made one sarcastic comment at the bar, and the organiser overheard me. Suffice to say I didn’t do it – far too scared of an audience.

  2. garryl says:

    “Lucy” has always been my favourite DC song, and I’m pleased to report that you haven’t managed to put me off it ;-) Seriously, it was a great effort, and I enjoyed the other track too.

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