Gasman live at Outline 2011!

After the triumphant AY Riders gig at the Forever demoparty back in March, I had a hankering for some more Speccy-and-keytar-and-vocoder live performance action, so I jumped at the chance to play my first EVVAR solo set at last weekend’s Outline party in the Netherlands. Outline is by no means one of the largest parties, but there’s something magic about the atmosphere there which has made it one of the most eagerly awaited events in my calendar over the last couple of years. Most demo parties will give you the opportunity to chill outside in the sun with a beer or slave away at a hot CPU to finish off your creations, but it’s rare that the two activities flow together so smoothly as they do at Outline.

And with everyone’s spirits kept high, it means that when the evening activity kicks off, you have the most awesome audience you could possibly hope for. Big ups to TMC for the video, m0d for the other video which should be surfacing soon, Ziphoid for streaming the gig on SceneSat Radio, and of course Havoc, D-Force and the rest of the Outline team for making it all happen…


  • 1:51 Gasman – Out Of Neverland
  • 6:18 Gasman – Torch Dragon
  • 8:41 Celine Dion – My Heart Will Go On
  • 10:23 Gasman – Cybernoid’s Revenge
  • 14:23 Madonna (arr. TDM + Factor6) – Hung Up
  • 20:17 Gasman – Oldskool Crusader
  • 23:47 Michael Jackson – Thriller (featuring Okkie)
  • 30:30 Purple Motion (arr. TDM + Factor6) – Satellite One

balls, touching

And after all that, I still had some spare energy to do some casual hacking around with sine waves and come up with an entry for the 128 byte intro compo. As you’ll see from the video, 128 byte intros are one of those peculiarly demoscene-ish things that demand a certain frame of mind to be enjoyed properly, to the point where it gets a tad surreal for outsiders. If nothing else, you can certainly count on the Outline audience to provide a soundtrack to a silent production.

balls, touching on Pou√ęt

(…and before you ask, the title does indeed come from an infantile demoscene in-joke about genitalia. I’d actually only planned for there to be one ball, but then one of those fortuitous coding accidents from adding or removing an odd instruction happened, and I knew I had to run with it.)

10 Responses to “Gasman live at Outline 2011!”

  1. Megus says:

    Great performance, Gasman!

  2. mikezt says:

    Concert was great, you make me laugh.

  3. Felice says:

    I also recorded some footage of your gig as well, which I’ll probably include as part of my video report from Outline 2011.

  4. baah says:

    Especially enjoyed the “hung up” remix. Well done!

  5. Dma-Sc says:

    This was a really great show, i’m so glad to have seen it live at the party! :)

  6. Factor6 says:

    This is an example of multi-talented man doing many things in one time. My personal skills are too poor comparing to his excellent keytar play and visual effect coding (This looks better to have each tune compiled with a demo effect!). Excellent gig, even the public is friendly and not idiotic, like those Polish commodorists at this year’s Forever.

  7. Bruno Florindo says:

    I always enjoy Speccy videos. When it’s about a party I enjoy it more, and if it has Gasman on it I enjoy it even more! Looks like you had a great time there, and that’s how it should be. Thank you for keeping the Speccy alive, and thank you continuing to inspire all of us.

  8. yumanoid says:

    is this guy a geek or a geek enough for three :D love it :))

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  10. cTrix says:


    Awesome work m’ man :-) Hopefully see you at Sundown in September. The 128byte demo is amazing.

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