El Secreto Del Amor

If you’d told me at the start of this month that I was going to end it trying to be Ricky Martin, I would have thought you were mad. Turns out it’s me that’s the mad one then.

I started out by stumbling across this pairing of chords (Am7 and Em79 for those of you taking notes), and seeing as the second of the FAWM weekly challenges was “write a song using only two chords”, I figured I had a plan here. Given the Latin riff, it clearly had to either be in Spanish (which I don’t speak at all) or somehow be as lyrically exotic and sexy as something in Spanish (which of course is impossible). I went for the former option, hanging all my hopes on Babelfish.

Any native Spanish speakers listening to this (and I can think of at least one who might be reading here…) will probably fall about laughing at my pronunciation and the Babelfish translation. But that’s OK… bluffing your way in the language is kind of the whole theme of the song, after all.

After a while I got so immersed in the production that I forgot how silly the chorus was. Hopefully you can overlook the rather heavy reliance on the built-in keyboard accompaniment…

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It was the final night of the fiesta
They were dancing the flamenco in the square
The clocks were striking midnight as the fireworks lit the sky
The barista looking oh-so-debonair

He said, “I know a lonesome man when I see one, señor
“I can share with you the secret that will bring you ecstasy”
He quickly glanced around him, making sure the coast was clear
And leant down close to speak these words to me:

Todo suena más atractivo en español
Encantarán a las chicas en cada palabra
Apenas pida que los pescados lo traduzcan
Ése es el secreto del amor

And with those words he disappeared back into his routine
Taking orders, flipping bottles, counting change
I nursed the caipiriña that he’d left behind for me
And wondered if I’d dreamt the whole exchange

But then across the room I saw a goddess flash a smile
She had fire in her eyes and flowing hair of purest gold
I strode over to the dancefloor and I grasped her hand in mine
And we let the music wash into our souls

And we sang
Todo suena más atractivo en español…

del amor, del amor, el secreto del amor
Ése es el secreto del amor
del amor, del amor, el secreto del amor
mi amigo, el secreto del amor

Well the band were getting lively so we danced until the dawn
When we took off for a stroll along the sands
Nearby a guardian angel works at mending broken hearts
And he makes the best mojitos in the land

* translation:
Everything sounds sexier in Spanish
The girls will be enchanted by every word
Just ask the fish to translate it
That is the secret of love

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Crowd sample (New Year South Bank9ed.wav) by genghis attenborough, taken from freesound.iua.upf.edu.

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  1. F6 says:

    Spanish, cool! But try to pick your Czech phraseology and show yourself ;]

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