AY Club: Breath Of Air

As a postscript to the release of tracker2ay, here’s the reason I wanted to transfer tracker files back to the Spectrum in the first place: to play X-Agon’s 6-channel Breath Of Air (as featured on the AY Riders Satellite single) the way that God intended, on two Spectrums playing 3 channels each…

4 Responses to “AY Club: Breath Of Air”

  1. Yo man,
    how is it synchronised? “With a hand”? (Bad connotations, bad, bad, bad, VEEEEEEERY BAD!). :>

  2. matt says:

    Yep, by hand. Is that bad? It works, doesn’t it? :-)

  3. F6 says:

    Yerz you suck! This is GOOD!!! :)

  4. Pardal says:

    This is very GOOD.

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