Are Great Things Born

It had to be done. After my album cover generator came up with Glencoe Horse’s seminal Are Great Things Born, I was compelled to write a song with that title, in the style of Glencoe Horse, whoever they may be. The result is some not-very-profound Forrest Gump philosophy (actually there’s shades of Doctor Seuss about it too), but performed in the Britpop tones of everyone’s favourite non-existent Scottish indie band.

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Out on the open road
we are driving
to the place we thought we wanted to be
All the passers-by
wish us luck for the journey
but secretly wonder why we’re wasting our lives
On the unobtainable
chasing angels till they dance no more
But we know that from impossible ambitions
are great things born

When it seems too far
just take a rain check
there’s no shame in being all you can be
Some day you’ll look around
see how far you’ve come
opportunities at every turn
And if you follow them
change your destination, that’s your call
’cause they say that from the unexpected places
are great things born

When inspiration strikes
at any place and time
you never know what it’ll bring
Embrace it if you dare
you can’t be everywhere
so just be somewhere
just be somewhere, it’ll find you

Don’t let the skeptics say
you’ve gone the wrong way
’cause there’s no-one can decide that but you
You’ll never win this game
and set the world alight
without crossing swords once in a while
And when they understand
they’ll be building on the plans you’ve drawn
’cause it’s true that from the smallest of beginnings
are great things born

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3 Responses to “Are Great Things Born”

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  2. Mike says:

    This is actually a rather good song!

  3. James Kerry says:

    Hi there!
    My band just made our first proper song!!!

    Have a look, we’ve learnt a lot from your blog! :)

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