New album from Glencoe Horse!

Tonight I’m thrilled to be able to bring you an exclusive first glimpse of Are Great Things Born, the forthcoming album from Glencoe Horse.

[cover art: Are Great Things Born by Glencoe Horse]

…okay, so that’s a lie. Glencoe Horse (and their album) are a figment of random chance, generated by the following fiendishly complicated algorithm as introduced by Burr on the FAWM forum:

A general call went out to come up with an automatic online generator, and, well, how could I resist? My first attempt at an application in Camping (chosen so that I could take advantage of the wonderful HTML-parsing capabilities of Hpricot without the monster truck of Rails sitting underneath), it took about 3 hours to complete starting from no knowledge of the framework whatsoever, of which half was taken up finding out the best way to deploy it.

It lacks the human touch of the lovingly-photoshopped artworks that have previously come out of this concept (and replaces it with some rather horrific random colour schemes instead) but it’s still a curiously addictive way to pass a few minutes, with your finger poised over the Refresh key.

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  2. Daenyth Blank says:

    Would you mind sharing the code for it? I wrote a similar script in perl, but it only runs in CLI at the moment. Haven’t played around with web stuff much.

  3. aa says:

    omg, i had such a great time with this one. greetings from Romania. I love your blog.

  4. Le premier album des Florida Oaks…

    Ne cherchez pas cet album dans les bacs des disquaires… car il n’existe pas.
    Dommage, j’aurais bien vu les Florida Oaks comme un chaînon entre Oasis et Rage Against The Machine :D

    L’album tout comme l’artiste sont totalement fictifs…….

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