Will It Blend?

A product of about one day of not very hard work (because why would you want to be stuck behind a laptop when there’s so much else going on at Shucon?), Will It Blend? is our tribute to everyone’s favourite iPhone destroyers, willitblend.com. It was put together in collaboration with Factor6 who did the music and additional graphics, with textual contributions from almost everybody. Which are largely unreadable, in more ways than one.

4 Responses to “Will It Blend?”

  1. poke says:

    I hope that you succesfully return to UK. Factor6 inform us by Twitter about troubles during journey to the Prague.

  2. matt says:

    Hi Poke – yep, I made it safely back to the UK thanks :-)

  3. F6 says:

    Some people at Pouet commented this demo as a lame thing, which it surely seems to be in fact. Average music, converted gfx, slightly unreadable text, allusion to the C64, etc. Nothing that real sceners would really love. It’s partly a result of atmosphere at Shucon, you simply had to be there and then you’d understand to the whole idea.
    Look here btw.: http://logout.bloguje.cz/561435-what-time-is-it.php
    Between the czech text you can find a list of most popular Shucon messages of this year.

  4. poke says:

    Gasman create your account at: http://www.geocaching.com and log in all geocaches that you found during Shucon (Zvonice, Bucnik, Novy Svetlov…). If you want, of course ;-)

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