[Screenshot: Vodkemon]

After the stresses of getting something released at Breakpoint, I promised to myself that from now on I’d stop obsessing over party deadlines and work on stuff at my own pace, releasing when it was ready at whichever party happened to be coming up… unless there’s a really important party that demands to be supported (read: Sundown) or it’s a group project that needs more discipline. So it was rather fitting, then, that in the space of one week Mister Beep and Exin independently approached me with the suggestion of doing a collaboration for International Vodka Party.

Vodkemon on Demotopia | Vodkemon on Pouet | Vodkemon source code

Mister Beep contributed the opening beeper music (an ambitious cover of Complications by Tomas Danko written in no less than three music editors), Exin contributed the two screens, I did the code and the AY music (Green Hill Zone from Sonic The Hedgehog, originally written in 2000 for the never-completed Sonic ZX project and now dug out from the darkest depths of my music archives) and a cast of thousands (well, maybe about six) contributed to the scrolly message live at the party.

It was coded in a bit of a rush, and the only remotely clever thing, the pre-rendered cylindrical image map on the vodka bottle, is practically un-noticeable. But then it was for the Stupid Demo competition.

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