SoundTracker 20th Anniversary

[screenshot: SoundTracker 20th Anniversary]

Released last week (ok, so I’m slacking…), SoundTracker 20th Anniversary is, unsurprisingly, Hooy-Program’s celebration of the 20th anniversary of Karsten Obarski’s SoundTracker for the Amiga, which has shaped the design of computer music software ever since. This Spectrum production features a four-channel MOD soundtrack by Yerzmyey using the original ST-01 sample pack, played using the General Sound add-on interface.

To be honest, I find the General Sound to be an exceedingly silly interface. It has its own processor that’s four times as fast as the one on the Spectrum, and its own independent memory store – in fact, the whole thing has a spec strangely comparable to one of the original Amigas – so it’s pushing the bounds of credibility to call it a way of playing MODs on the Spectrum. It’s more like sellotaping a CD player to the side and saying “Look! My Spectrum can play CD-quality audio!”

But hey, it made for a nice silly new demo, anyway.

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  1. Shockwav3 says:

    While it’s true that the GS is its’ own computer (hell, it even continues on a reset) you should at least mention it’s 14 years old already and was made for the ZX Scorpion in the first place. Also it’s made from standard ICs, which is some kind of archievement at least from an engineering point of view. While nothing you said is false, I still think it shouldn’t be that miscredited, at least when you look at comparable devices in Commodore land (CMD SCPU).

    Also props for releasing the source and still continueing to support said “silly” interface.

  2. Bazaltowy Rzezimieszek says:

    My DIR: Gasman.
    Your statements are totally equal to NaTrent’s statements about AY chip in Spectrum.
    He claims that AY is an ALIEN BODY inside of healthy tissue of ZX SPECTRUM; the alien dangerous body coming from Amstrad.
    With all do respect; both opinions are pretty silly.
    Thanks for your the finest splendour in Sinclair world anyway.

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