Oxford demoscene meetup, 20 January 2007! (Updated)

From 2pm, Far From The Madding Crowd, Friars Entry, Oxford
Following a number of “What the feck, you’re in Oxford too?”-type revelations at Sundown and subsequent conspiring, I’m proud to announce that Oxford is to host its first ever UK demoscene pub meet on Saturday 20th January 2007, at Far From The Madding Crowd (confirmed). Drop by for some fine beer, sparkling conversation and most likely showing off with shiny things running on laptops…

Things will be kicking off at around 2pm. Here’s how to find us (full map):

From Oxford train station: Go out of the main entrance and across the bus stops, then keep on heading in that direction past the big glass buildings on your left, over the bridge and continue down George Street (the one just to the left of the Opium Den sign. No, really) and past the coach station. At Old Orleans and the Cock And Camel pub, take the left turn. You’ll see the Gloucester Arms up ahead – take the footpath (Friars Entry) that runs past the entrance. Far From The Madding Crowd is on your right.

From the coach station (Gloucester Green): Go round the back of the concourse, and head for the far left corner of the market square, where you’ll see the Gloucester Arms pub. Take the footpath (Friars Entry) that runs past the entrance – Far From The Madding Crowd is on your right.

Drop me an email if you need crash space, can offer crash space, think you’re likely to get lost and could do with my mobile number, or anything else really.

9 Responses to “Oxford demoscene meetup, 20 January 2007! (Updated)”

  1. icabod says:

    Ooh, sounds like fun. I may even see if I can turn up. Will be my first pub meet too… unless someone arranges a wedding for that weekend.

  2. syphus says:

    NNNghghghghgh – I wish I could be there, but I can’t. Even if I could, the GNER website tells me that to travel from Newcastle on the day would mean three changes and a 32-hour train journey. 48 on the way back. What a whacky zany world!!!

  3. matt says:

    Ah, shame you can’t make it. That train information sounds highly suspect though… the National Rail website gave me plenty of sensible routes from Newcastle to Oxford, including a couple of direct trains. Still 4 hours plus, so not really the sort of thing you want to do both ways in one day, but a tad better than 32 hours. 32 hours? I think that’s roughly how long it’ll take me to get to Forever in Slovakia…

  4. icabod says:

    /me recalls the coach trip to Poland for ZX-Party.
    Aah, those were the days – 24 hours on a crowed coach with lots of people who barely spoke English. On that journey I learned that Cider really doesn’t travel well.

    I’m looking at a 3-hour journey each way, but I’ll be crashing on Gasman’s floor/sofa, so that makes life easier.

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  6. F6 says:

    All of you who weren’t there are lazy bastards… Including me :)

  7. CiH says:

    Well I wasn’t a lazy barsteward then ;-)

    Did you get the photo’s ok Matt?

  8. matt says:

    Yep, I did – cheers for those. Will definitely get them sent off to Slengpung at some point (and show up how crap I am with names).

  9. CiH says:

    Good man! To give you a start, the guy in the glasses sitting next to me was ‘gwEm’, another Atari guy. I managed to miss getting in those pictures at all, by virtue of being the person behind the camera ;-)

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