DivIDEo – Spectrum streaming video

Six years after my first tentative attempts at streaming video from the DivIDE interface were presented at Notcon 2004, I’ve finally come up with a system that I’m happy with. It boasts 25fps playback with audio somewhere above the ‘nails in a vacuum cleaner’ quality of previous attempts (through the use of delta compression on the video data and variable bitrate audio to use up whatever processor time is left), a one-shot conversion utility that handles all the video decoding, rendering and re-packing, and a player routine that more or less respects the ATA spec (so won’t fall apart as soon as someone else tries it on a different CompactFlash card. Hopefully). Here’s how I presented it at the Outline demo party:

The full description, and a whole bunch of downloads, is on the DivIDEo project website.

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  1. oleg says:

    Matt, this is fantastic work and should impress the heck out of everybody who has experienced the evolution of digital video first hand. Could you post a note about the opera clip as well? I’m glad you were so well received at Outline 2010 :)

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