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I invented a new cinematic genre last night. In my sleep.

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

Dear the internet,
I have a question. Are there any movies where the story is told in the form of an assortment of authentic-looking video/TV clips – anything from news footage to YouTube videos – which initially appear to be unrelated, but then after a while odd coincidences between them start to emerge, until a common thread appears?

The reason I ask is that last night, I had a dream that I was watching one. Realistically, I’d be surprised if I’d managed to invent a whole new cinematic form in my sleep, so I’m curious to know where I subconsciously nicked the idea from.

My colleague Dave suggested Traffic (which I’ve not seen, but probably should), which satisfies the “seemingly unconnected stories which gradually assemble into an overall plot line” aspect of it, but misses out the crucial ingredient of being composed of primary footage, to give it that Orson Welles War Of The Worlds-broadcast-meets-alternate reality gaming kind of immersive atmosphere. In the dream, I was watching the film on DVD with a friend: