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Monday, September 9th, 2013

(Temporarily abandoning my plan to blog about all of my projects in chronological order, seeing as I’m now two years behind.)

Exogenesis is my new demo for Raspberry Pi and Novation Launchpad MIDI controller, written as an exercise in creating a coherent visual narrative on an oh-so-limited display. Music is by songster and zinc-vending supremo Hoopshank, and the demo was presented at this weekend’s Sundown demoparty, where it won first place in the Wild demo competition.

Visuals were programmed in Python (synchronised with the music by hand – there’s no spectrum analysis of the audio or anything like that going on) and sent to the Launchpad as a stream of MIDI ‘note-on’ events. There’s no particular reason for running it from a Raspberry Pi, other than ‘because I can’ – the code ought to be portable to more or less anything that can run Python and has a USB port.

This also happens to be my first production under the Wavesitter label. I figured that since I’ve done quite a few productions with guest musicians, and hope to do a lot more of that in the future, I should make that an official thing with its own name, rather than being “Gasman and X” all the time. In other words, Wavesitter is to Matt Westcott what Nine Inch Nails is to Trent Reznor. Or, indeed, what Simply Red is to Mick Hucknall. Insert your own comparisons here. (Also, if I’m not mistaken, it’s a literal translation of the German word for budgerigar, Wellensittich. Which I think is kind of neat.)