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FAWM 2011 retrospective / Geek Pop

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011

February has been and gone, bringing with it my now customary jaunt into the world of February Album Writing Month. I fell some way short of the 14 song target this time, which I’ll blame on considerably increasing my production values this year, and not at all on being a lazy git.

I’m holding back a few of the songs from general release, because they’ll be going towards this month’s exciting musical happening: the Geek Pop virtual festival! Yes, all the greatest musical minds from the worlds of science and technology will be gathered in one place on the internet – and somehow I’ve ended up being one of them, performing on the Comical Flask stage alongside such luminaries as MJ “Hey Hey 16K” Hibbett. And because it’s a virtual festival, you don’t even need to drink beer out of a nasty plastic beaker or walk two miles to the nearest shower. Hurrah! Keep your browsers peeled (or something) at the Geek Pop website for the big unveiling on March 11th, or mosey on down to Wilton’s Music Hall, London on the 10th for the live launch gig.

In the meantime, here’s some almost-as-good-or-equally-good-but-not-as-geeky music I also wrote last month…

Avogadro’s Number by Matt Westcott

Big Conversation by Matt Westcott

In The Future by Matt Westcott

(Looking for the lyrics? Get them at my FAWM profile page)