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JSSpeccy v20091121

Saturday, November 21st, 2009

Yesterday’s Full Frontal javascript conference turned out to be the ideal setting to compare notes with Ben Firshman of JSNES fame on the finer points of implementing emulators in Javascript – so this new release of JSSpeccy is the natural consequence of that. I’ve put in an optimisation which might possibly be a speed boost on Chrome (only writing bytes to ImageData when absolutely absolutely necessary), and the much-needed ability to load your own snapshot files, using the little-known getAsBinary method on file upload objects. (Unfortunately Firefox 3.5 is the only browser which supports it right now, but it looks like it may be in the process of getting the official W3C blessing right now.) And since I was on a roll, on the train back I implemented tape loading traps and the ability to load .TAP files (again, only on Firefox 3.5). Wahey!

@speccynews – ZX Spectrum news on Twitter

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

Recognising that there was a gap to be filled in news reporting for the ZX Spectrum community (since other commitments have pulled icabod away from regularly updating, and other contributors – myself included – have not exactly rushed in with the same fervour), I’ve set up the Speccynews Twitter account.

The idea is that it’s a lower-maintenance way of keeping on top of developments in the Speccy world, as something that can be updated on the spot as and when you encounter a story, with no obligation (indeed, no way at all) to write a long erudite commentary on every news story. Following an encouraging call for volunteers on WOS forums, I set the service up through CoTweet, and it’s been running successfully for a couple of weeks now. More contributors would be very welcome, especially non-UK people who can share their perspective of those wonderful developments in Spain, Russia, Poland, the Czech Republic and elsewhere which are being overlooked by the English-speaking crowd. Drop me an email / tweet with your email address if you’re interested, and I’ll send a CoTweet invite in your direction. No previous Twitter experience necessary!

(And, of course, all feedback and story submissions will be gratefully received via Twitter itself – tweet them to @speccynews.)