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Goldfinch: an open software stack for mass storage on the Spectrum

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Yep, another pet project of mine to compete with all the others I’ve started. But hey, if I didn’t get distracted by things like this I’d just get distracted by Youtube and sudoku instead…

Goldfinch1 is an attempt at remedying the “walled garden” syndrome in the world of ZX Spectrum mass storage – there are plenty of software projects doing exciting things with IDE and CompactFlash and ethernet on the Speccy, on top of multiple competing hardware interfaces, and for one reason or another they end up having ‘baggage’ that prevents the casual tinkerer from properly harnessing that existing work for their own stuff – so writing a program that reads ‘some file’ off ‘some disk’ is a bigger deal than it ought to be. The reasons for this might be technical (the disk access code is too tightly coupled to a Basic extension, or an emulation layer, or something else, and only one person in the world understands the whole package), legal (licencing problems prevent the source code from being released), or the entire project being locked away in perpetual vapourware hell (ahem).